Mosasaurus vs Orcas : Who would win ?


Mosasaurus vs. Orca: A Comparative Study

Mosasaurus vs. Orca: A Comparative Study

The Size of Mosasaurus Reevaluated

Mosasaurus vs Orcas :To begin with, disregard everything you've heard about the immense size of a 15-17 meter Mosasaurus. In truth, they did not grow to such colossal proportions due to a flawed estimation in 1967 that exaggerated the head-to-body size ratio. More recent research, on the other hand, indicates that the body would be closer to 6-7 times the length of the head, resulting in a more modest size. A thorough review in 2014 revealed that the largest Mosasaurus hoffmannii specimen reached a length of approximately 11-12.9 meters, equivalent to about 36-41 feet. This, indeed, is still an enormous creature, though not as massive as previously believed.

Weight Comparison: Mosasaurus vs. Orca

Shifting our focus to weight, these long-bodied Mosasaurs are not as bulky as one might think. For instance, a maximum-sized 12.9 meter Mosasaurus hoffmannii would weigh around 7,500 kilograms, approximately 8.25 tons. Now, let's consider the Orcinus orca, commonly known as the orca, which holds the title of the largest dolphin to have ever existed. Maximum estimates for its weight vary considerably; the Guinness Book of World Records and SeaWorld cite a staggering 10,000 kilograms, about 11 tons. On the other hand, more conservative estimates place it closer to 9,350 kilograms or approximately 10.3 tons. Therefore, when comparing the maximum-sized individuals, the orca is actually larger than the marine reptile.

Feeding Strategies: Mosasaurus vs. Orca

While the orca lacks the serrated teeth of the Mosasaurus, its sharp teeth are designed to interlock to easily shear and rip flesh. In contrast, the Mosasaurus possessed jaws suited for seizing and sawing into relatively smaller prey, dispatching them swiftly. Moreover, lizards, including Mosasaurs, do not exert substantial bite forces. Conversely, the orca's jaws are versatile and can crush fish, tear apart seals, gut sharks, or even take significant chunks out of animals much larger than themselves. Additionally, the actual bite force of an orca remains unknown, but its ability to inflict damage on larger whales and other creatures, including bone breakage that requires over 19,000 PSI to crush, suggests that it is likely the strongest in the modern world.

Advantages of the Orca

Moreover, the orca's intelligence allows it to target vulnerable spots, while its sonar provides superior situational awareness compared to relying solely on sight and smell. Additionally, the orca boasts higher speeds, giving it a multitude of advantages over the Mosasaurus. While it's common to envision the past as a time of larger, more fearsome creatures, this is not entirely true for marine ecosystems. In the sea, mammals, like the orca, reign supreme.


In conclusion, in a hypothetical battle between the two, the orca would emerge victorious around 6-7 out of 10 times due to its numerous advantages over the Mosasaurus.

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